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Not a Web Dev or Site expert, You Can Still Help

You may be worried that you do not have the correct skills required to be of much assistance in this process.

I have purposefully written this entire blog with you in mind, and endeavored to not write above the heads of anyone.

I hope that in this time of crisis you will be able to find comfort, support, and inspiration for how you can get through this set back.

Just remember, no one has technical experience in bouncing back from a website hack the first time it happens to them!

I would encourage you, regardless of how you view your skill set, to read through this page and see what you can do; even if it is just biding time and easing tension whilst waiting for the cavalry to come help.

How Can You Still Be Useful with a Non-Technical Skill Set

This is a very fair question you may be asking yourself.

I know when this happened to me, my first response was “there is so much that I need to learn, and I need to learn it NOW!”

This is not particularly realistic.

Advanced skill sets in handling hacked websites are not something you will gain today, even with the best Google-Fu.

When my site was hacked, my skill set was not particularly technical, yet I managed to play a helpful role in the cleaning up of the site.

If you jump to the section about discovering what the hackers have done, there are some very simple and easy to use steps on how you can help to identify the changes that the hackers have made.

Other ways you can help get through this are:

Project Management

You are no doubt going to need a series of professionals and service providers to get this all fixed, you are the one that discovered the problem and have initiated the clean up process.

It is your job to oversee the broader project of “getting this site healthy again”.

You are the go between, the communication relay, perhaps even the gopher

Suffice to say, you will find ways that you can be of assistance to this process.

Giving Access Credentials To Experts

This may seem like an odd one, but if you have had to bring in an additional service provider (such as a dedicated website hack recovery team) then you will most likely be the one that needs to be giving them access to such areas as:

  •  Google Search Console
  • Cpanel
  • FTP
  • Name Server Changes
  • Your CMS

Remember, don’t give these credentials to just anyone.

Ironically over sharing of these credentials may have led to the problems in the first place.

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