When You’re Looking for a
Digital Marketing Agency

You’re Likely Looking for a Team of Marketing
Professionals Who Can Manage Every
Component of Your Digital Strategy!

You’re on the right track,
but are you aware of how it actually works?
Because the reality of it may not be what you think.

The truth is, that ‘agency’ you’re bringing on board, it’s just one person.
Or maybe a couple.

Why is It Like This?

Most agencies start with one or two people: a ‘Specialist’, or an ‘Account Manager’.

1. The Specialist

One who has an extreme level of experience and skill in a specific aspect of a job.

2. The Account Manager

A jack-of-all-trades, master of none who is an expert at juggling and maintaining relationships.

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Here’s How it Works:

  • An account manager keeps all the small tasks on track, the strategy in place, and the specialists engaged. But above all, he keeps the relationship with the client (That’s You) going strong.
  • Specialists don’t come cheap, and neither do great account managers. Almost all agencies end up relying on external support (outsourcing) in order to maintain their core offering.
  • Making it impossible for a small or growing agency to keep all that talent in-house, to begin with.

Here's How We Make Your Agency Work
We’re your agency’s “go-to agency”

We make it easier for agencies to simply ‘plugin’ to our team. This means they spend less time hunting down
suppliers, managing too many different freelancers, etc. We’re your “agency’s agency”.

In return, we won’t have to manage any of your sales or your accounts.
Freeing us up to keep on growing and expanding our team’s bandwidth and skillset.

Hot dang did we grow!

The downside for us is - it means trading on much tighter margins, as
we fight it out with the middlemen to get a piece of the retainer…

This shouldn’t be a bad thing, providing the agency you thought you
were hiring was using more external resources than just us.

Here’s What Really Happens:

The retainer ends up split as ‘account management’ for the “agency”,
and all the ‘external service contracts’ (what gets you results) that are being completed by us.

So Why Aren’t People Pissed Off?

They Don’t Know...

Some client-facing members of our team have almost 15 different email addresses that route back to our normal account.

We advise our clients that honesty is always the best policy, but we also make sure they know that we are more than happy to be their ‘discreet’ confidant.

The System Works

Our team didn't grow to over 20 badass marketers, constantly winning
repeat and referral work, without getting results for our client's clients.

The proof is in the pudding…

Here is What Some of Our Direct Clients Say:

We’re Pivoting (Did you notice?)

Here’s what this will mean for you:

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