Joshua Ballard

Joshua is the founder of Paradox Marketing, and an all rounder when it comes to Digital Marketing. 

He has a much stronger focus on Search Engine Marketing than any other form, yet is well versed across all forms of digital marketing.

Sonny Nabong

Sonny is our senior developer, assisting with all things web development.

He plays a vital role in tackling our more difficult tasks, whilst also bringing guidance and training to the rest of our team.

Norie Calunsag

Norie is our resident Adwords expert and manager.

She loves nothing more than diving into a difficult set of data and finding some positive actions that can bring a better ROI to our clients!

Ramon Entrina

Ramon is a web developer here at Paradox Marketing. 

With a strong focus on being able to provide advanced features such as membership bases, advanced search parameters, Ramon loves nothing more than expanding his skill set and horizons. 

Jan Arumbalo

Jan is a web developer here at Paradox Marketing.

He has a serious focus on website speed, and has grown to become an extremely dedicated and upcoming developer here at Paradox Marketing. 

Joy Ianne

Joy is a graphic designer and assistant here at Paradox Marketing.

She enjoys jumping in with Adibe illustrator and seeing a piece of work shift from an idea to a work of art.

Outsourced Copy Writers

We have diverse needs when it comes to content creation and copy writing. We have found that a reflexive model in project management has been the most beneficial and stable option.

We scour the country to find the best writers possible for each and every content piece that we produce.

If you are interested in being on our briefing list, feel free to contact us with some samples of your writing.

We Are Your One to Many

If you understand the underlying principles of SEO, (which believe it or not, you will once you start working with us), you will realise that your SEO provider is in a unique position. As your network grows, your business grows. We are specialists in assisting mutually beneficial joint ventures between businesses who may have not even thought to forge a connection previously.