We Start By Defining Your USP

Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is what makes you stand out from the rest of the competition.

Let us say you manufacture and sell widgets, the widgets themselves are made to a specific standard and design. One would be forgiven for assuming that everyone that made this specific widget was largely producing the exact same thing.

Your USP is the point in which you educate your potential clients on what is unique about your widgets, or the way you make your widgets, or the way in which you provide your widgets.

You provide a stock standard service? Then we highlight and emphasize the way you provide this service. For example, you are the most organized, or the most friendly… and so on.

We Research Your Competition

In our experience, many business owners get bogged down in this step. The paralysis of analysis, and unhealthy fixation with knowing what everyone else is up to can be a crippling addiction.

By having your marketing agency conduct the competitor research, you are removing the emotion from the equation.

We systematically assess:

  • Their branding and USP
  • Their reputation within the market
  • Their online presence

From there, we can learn from their mistakes, replicate and better their victories, and above all…

We will know what you are up for in competing with them.

We Look Within Your Database

The greatest insight into who your future customers will be, is gained from taking a closer look at your previous and existing customers.

We aim to get an overview of how your existing customers feel about your business. What were they happy with, what would they like to see changed, what opportunities for better customer experiences exist and so on.

At the same time, we are demographically and statistically profiling them so that we can build out your ideal customer persona, the personas that we will be advertising to specifically. 

This process can also be a fantastic time for gaining testimonials and reviews!

We Survey & Research The Wider Market

Once we have started to define some key demographics and personas for your ideal marketplace, we will test any conclusions with a larger sample size.

Thanks to online survey and research platforms, our ability to quickly source both quantitative and qualitative research participants is significantly enhanced.

We will test any assumptions that have been made, by you, by us, or by your competition.

Knowing what the market wants is the most important step of running any business!