We Establish Your Buyer Personas

First and foremost, we will define who your ideal customer is. Who is it that is most likely to buy your offer, who has been buying and so on.

We look into their key demographics and situation in life, constantly on the look out for any common points among them all.

With this information in place, we have a solid foundation with which we can commence targeting your advertising and marketing efforts.

We Map Out & Plan Your Online Presence

Your website is hands down the most important part of your online presence, but it is still only a component piece.

We will investigate every opportunity you may have to digitally connect with your buyers, including social media, other websites, advertising networks and more.

Most of all, we will find out what you are already doing, and see how we can add to this!

We Research Your Buyer's Journeys

Every buyer goes through a set journey towards making a purchase.

They first become aware of a need or desire.

Then they research and consider their options for satiating that need or desire.

Then they decide which option they will opt with to help them.

We focus your marketing content across the entire spectrum of which a client may be seeking your services.

Next, We Generate Traffic to Your Website

There is no magic formula for traffic generation, there are however many different ways that you can get people to visit your website.

Typically, you can ‘earn it’ or ‘buy it’.

For search engine traffic, you earn it with SEO and you buy it with PPC (either Adwords or Bing Ads).

For Social Media Traffic, you earn it by building an audience, or you buy it from the platform (such as Facebook, Twitter, Linekdin in and so  on).

There are other mediums for earning traffic, and there are also other ways to buy traffic.

It is our job to bring you traffic that converts at the best possible CPA (cost per acquisition)

We Are The Ones You Have a Coffee With

Having a whole lot of people visit your site can be exciting! However, if they all visit, take one look at your pages and simply leave, then it is rather pointless.

The goal is to have them visit your site and then take an action, this may be to phone one of your sales team, buy one of your products or services, or simply submit their contact details and email address.

Conversion Rate Optimisation is a science in and of itself, and without it your entire online presence is nothing but a tribute to what it should be!

We Then Nurture Your Leads

Lead nurturing is the process in which you gently help your leads get across the line and start engaging with your sales team.

Someone may convert on your website, but still not be ready for a sales call. 

We arrange email funnels that consistently add value to their buyer’s journey, and keep reminding them that your company is the best option they have for meeting their needs or desires.

The main goal, is to make sure that when the lead finally makes it to your sales department, that they are red hot and ready to buy!