What Are Your SMART Goals?


Having a clear understanding of your goals will help us to create a proposal that matches your desired outcome and time line.

What do you want, and when do you want it?

Make the goals specific, make them measurable, make them attainable, make them relevant, and tell yourself when this will be done!

If you do not have clear set goals, then you are moving,  but in an unknown direction.

Not all motion is forward motion!

We have had people tell us that one of their goals is 10,000 twitter followers… this seems very specific, it certainly is measurable, with time and money it is attainable, but we definitely question how relevant this is as a business goal.

Think revenue, think growth. How much money now, versus how much money in the future.

Or even, how can we increase the average transaction cost of each sale? Not just get more sales, get BETTER sales!