We Love WordPress

You will also come to love wordpress, and you won’t be alone.

We recently stripped back the coding of 110 of Australia’s top website design agencies own websites.

We found that of agencies that offered web design services, 41% had built their agency website using wordpress.

This was closely followed by 40% that built their site using what appears to be custom coding, or at least not a well known CMS.

No other platform broke the 5% mark.

What Works for You Works For Us

As a platform, WordPress can be the best of both worlds for developers, marketers and business owners alike.

The easy to manage CMS (Content Management System) allows business owners to keep their content updated and fresh.

The widespread usage of the platform means that there are always some amazing bolt on tools for marketers to use in tuning the site. 

The open source code, community of enthusiasts, and easy to build templates and modules help take some of the less complex coding off the hands of the developers. Allowing them to focus on more important aspects!

We Start With a Consultation

When we build the online face of your business, we need to understand a little more about your business.

We will find out what it is that you are looking for, run through some design options with you, establish how we will structure the website architecture for the best SEO results, and come up with a content outline for the copy.

Depending on where you are located, we typically prefer to do this in person, or at least over skype with a screen share.

We Divide The Tasks Up

Once we have the consult done, and the plan in place, we divide our work flow between two departments.

Our marketers and copy writers get going with the content.

Our web designers and developers get going with the coding and site construction. 

When both teams are finished, we put it all together and make sure there are no bugs, no typos, no small errors.

We Submit it for Your Review

We don’t pass it over until we are pretty chuffed with ourselves, but it doesn’t really matter what we think.

We want to know what you think!

We get you and your team to run through it, test it out, and come back to us with any revisions, edits or modifications.

We get it updated to how you want, and then resubmit it for your approval.