Adelaide Web Design

Beautiful websites, created with marketing in mind.

Your website is single handedly the most important asset that you can have in your entire marketing arsenal.

It is like a piece of marketing material, that can be read at any time and anywhere. Not to mention, if you build it properly it will not only be read by your potential clients, but it will also read them!

We pride ourselves on producing responsive, elegant, Search Engine Optimised websites that will actually convert your traffic into customers.

We understand the anatomy of what the ideal website should be, and we build it from the ground up to be a well oiled marketing machine.

Your Home page is Like Your Reception Area

Quite often the homepage of your site is going to be the first impression a new visitor will get.

Just as though they were visiting your building, if they walk into a shambles it never bodes well.

If they can see that you can’t even organise your entrance area in a sensical and easy to navigate way, what hope is there for your other organisational skills?

The real question comes down to:

“What is the perfect first impression to make?”

Principally you want to make sure that your homepage fulfills the following:

  • loads quickly 
  • Has intuitive menu structures
  • Provides an over view of your business
  • Invites the visitor to delve a little deeper
  • Makes it clear and obvious how a visitor can get in contact wth you

There are plenty of other desirable goals to target with a home page, such as wow factor, aesthetic appeal and so on. However, if you don’t at least provide the basics, no amount of flashy graphics will save you!

Your About Us Page Shows Clients Who They Are Dealing With

People started saying that the internet was impersonal the moment it hit the consumer market, and they will keep saying it forever.

Your about us page is the main place where you can show your potential clients that they are dealing with real people, with real personalities!

It is your chance to showcase your past, your values and your team members. Giving the human edge to the otherwise impersonal online experience.

Your Contact Us Page Should be More Than a Phone Number

At the very least, you want to have your mail address, email address and your phone number.

Better again is having a contact form that a visitor can fill out.

For bonus points, draw some additional attention to your social media accounts and other less formal ways that they can connect with you.

Planning an event? Chuck it up on your contact us page!

Your Sales Pages Show What is Available

A sales page can be as varied as a solicitor outlining the specific type of law that they practice, all the way through to an e-commerce product description for cup cake sprinkles.

Regardless of what the product or service is, the sales page is where you discuss your offer.

Teach your visitors about what it is that you can provide for them, and why you are the best option for providing it.

Your Landing Pages are for Specific Actions

A landing page is simply a website page that is built with one specific purpose in mind. Often this can be used just after a visitor has clicked ‘get a quote’, or it can be used after they have clicked a link for really specific information that is not necessarily relevant enough to be on your sales page.

A landing page is generally created with the full knowledge of which page the visitor was on before they came across it. For this reason, they can be built to be highly relevant to what your visitor is looking for.