First Things First

We, like pretty much every web design or marketing agency you encounter that offers hosting, are a reseller. 

This means that we buy server space from a whole saler, and then on sell that to our clients at retail.

The specific type of hosting that we offer however, involves a lot more than simply plugging your website files into the net and then leaving it at that!

We Manage All Software Updates

Bad things can happen when updates are not paid attention to. 

Your website it not like your phone, missing an update can be quite a bit more serious than simply running older software.

Many updates are to fix security or functionality vulnerabilities, and not running them can actually make your site not work properly!

Part of our service is making sure this never happens!

We Include Major Security Addon

Our managed hosting comes stock standard with an SSL certificate, automatic malware detection and removal, website firewalls, virus scanning, and other lovelly security add ons!

Site security is one of those things that many people don’t think about until it is too late. Having experienced first hand having a website maliciously hacked, its not something we want to risk for ourselves or for our clients!

We Include Unlimited Small Code Edits

We understand how frustrating it can be to run a website, mostly doing it on your own, and occasionally hitting an obstacle that is just frustrating.

Something is not lining up, your WYSIWYG is a LIAR!

The whole site turned purple, and you don’t know why…

Our managed hosting plans come with a dedicated tech team, all skilled coders, ready to step in and make short work of small tasks on your site.

What you could teach yourself to do with 3 hours of Google Fu tends to be something an experienced coder can do in 5 minutes flat