We Clearly Outline Where Our Time Has Been Spent

Your retainer covers the agency time required to drive results, this is a given.

We always make sure that our clients are at the fore front of helping us decide which direction we should be traveling, and where our resources should be directed.

At the end of each month, we outline to our clients exactly what the agency time break down has been.

What areas have we spent a lot of time on, which areas were implemented faster.

This is all just part of how we make sure that we are providing the best service possible, in the most transparent way possible. 

We Give Growth Projection Reports

Once we have done your initial paid campaigns, we will have a very calculated understanding of exactly how much it costs in advertising for you to grow your business.

We present the report, with some options for how you would like to model your growth. This takes into account cashflow predictions and ROI calculations.

We take the guesswork out of growing your business through advertising!

We Teach You Google Analytics & Go One Step Better Again

Were always amazed at how many business owners don’t even have access to their google analtytics, let alone have an idea of how to sift through the data!

We will teach you (if you want) so that you can always keep track of what is going on in live time.

One better again though, is we have our AI-Bot generate a report with more detail than a human being could generate in several hours!

This is a pretty serious report that gets generated monthly.

We Keep You In The Loop On Audience Building and Authority Building

To compete organically with social media, you must build an audience.

To compete organically with search engines, you must build authority.

We keep you updated with each step of the process, what we are doing, how well it is working and more.