So Much More Than A CMS or Web Design Tool

Hubspot is the industry leader in marketing automation software. Their suite of tools make a marketer’s life not only better, they make them more efficient.

Hubspot COS is a website building software that can be added on to an existing Hubspot account.

We firmly believe it represents the best in coding and usability (we built this website with it after all).

Hubspot itself integrates perfectly with wordpress, and a huge portion of their userbase still operates with this powerful combination.

But lets go through a few of the reasons why we decided that the full Hubspot COS was the best option for us.

Insanely Easy to Use

When designing their platform Hubspot truly had marketers at heart. Simple, easy to use drag and drop options, intuitive control panels and self coding tracking data make it a marketer’s dream!

If you are thinking ‘big deal, someone else builds out my site, why should I care if it is easy for them?’, you should think again.

Your marketing agency, or your staff, are always limited by one thing… time.

The easier a tool or piece of software is to use, the more that can be done in any given time.

Having built hundreds or near on thousands of web pages, content funnels, calls to action, landing pages, forms and so on, we can succinctly say that Hubspot cuts most of these tasks in HALF at a minimum.

Still Space for Some Serious Coding

Hubspot COS is not just some cookie cutter design tool built by coders for the mass market with the goal of telling every average Jo that they too can be a web designer.

When you have access to someone that really knows their CSS, HTML, and Javascript then the possibilities are as limitless as they are with a custom website, perhaps more so.

The COS is not about dumbing down website construction, it is about allowing developers and coding specialists the space they need to do amazing things, but then letting non technical specialists use these amazing things in intuitive ways.

It Has Analytics Built Into It's Very Core

We are not talking about your average run of the mill analytics here. 

Every view, button click, visit, form submission is not only collected and analysed; it is also collated and recorded in relation to which areas of the website visitors have accessed.

Smart content remembers visitors, and will change parts of the website to match their interests (measured on previous visits).

If someone has filled a form out once, then they need not fill it out ever again, the software will recognise them.

A marketer lives and dies by their data and ability to track it and make decisions on it.

The live time dashboards that come from a fully integrated Hubspot website are second to none!

It is a Speed Machine

Your website needs to load fast, in order to load fast it needs clean coding and amazing hosting.

The Hubspot coding is as clean as it gets when it comes to page speed, and even if you end up doing something that would make your site load slower… it’ll warn you.

The server that hosts Hubspot sites is as good as it gets, but if that wasn’t enough it is also backed up by a super powerful Global CDN (Content Delivery Network) which makes it load fast regardless of where your visitors are geographically located.