E-mail Marketing is Not About Spamming

By definition, spam email is email that has been mass broadcasted to unsolicited lists of email addresses. 

Email marketing is the process of delivering the right message at the right time, to someone who has already agreed to accept email from you.

Most goals outlined during conversion rate optimising is to get more people to sign up and accept email from you.

Once you have someone’s permission to send them email, then it becomes more of a science in and of itself.

A Whole New Set of Stats to Track and Measure

At this stage of the marketing funnel, we have a whole new layer of analysis that comes into play.

We start looking at:

  • deliverability rates
  • unsubscription rates
  • open rates
  • link click rates

Some of the the things we test are:

  • html vs plain-text
  • subject lines
  • CTA’s
  • Layout
  • Personalisation

What we are doing in this stage is tracking and measuring just how well a lead is interacting with the messages that we send.

We Build Out separate Funnels

We construct an elaborate flow-chart of communications, each primed from the previous experience.

For example, we send an email to x people.

  • 50% of them open it, lets call this group A
  • 50% do not open it, lets call this group B
  • 40% of Group A click a link, lets call this C

The next email that comes from us, will be tailored based on which group they fell in.

Groups A,B,C each receive a different email from one another.

As the funnel moves forward, more and more splits are encountered.

The longer your ‘buying cycle’ then the larger the funnel can be.

We set a new funnel for before someone buys, whilst they are a customer (for ongoing business interactions), and just after they have been a customer. 

Each message has a purpose, and we always respect their inboxes, otherwise they will simply unsubscribe.

The First Email Funnel is About Nurturing the Lead

Just because someone has downloaded an ebook from you, or submitted an online form, does not necessarily mean that they are ready for an eager sales call.

The initial funnel is about getting them ready to actually speak with someone further.

We design emails that will gently remind them that your business is the best option for solving their needs.

We do this by constantly adding value, and building trust. Bringing them back to useful resources on your website, providing valuable information for the life stage that they are in.

When they start seeing you as a source of value, then they are more ready to talk business with you.

While They Are Your Customer

e send them useful suggestions on ways they can get the most out of your product or service.

Perhaps we introduce them to other useful businesses, and give them some great partner offers.

We are constantly ensuring that they see your business as a source of value in their life.

These emails are primarily designed to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Decrease churn rates of customers
  • Increase the likelihood of them promoting you

We Are Your Story Teller

If you have lost them when they could have stayed with you for a long time, then its time to find out why.

If it is a happy separation, then you wish them well on their way, provide some additional value and try to secure some reviews and testimonials.

Above all, you want to be constantly seeking feedback and information about their experiences in dealing with your business!