Sometimes all You Need is a Little Direction

Our consultations can be a great way to get a push in the right direction for your marketing.

Our clients are as diverse as other marketing agencies, entrepreneurs that want to run an idea past a professional, start ups, and established businesses that have encountered something needing an outside opinion.

Just as our agency package is tailored to your needs, so to is our consultation processes. 

Ongoing, or Once Off

Our clients get value from our consultations in many different ways. 

We have some who come in simply to have a discussion about whether they should focus more on SEO or PPC in their situation.

We have done viability reports on new business ideas, as we give the cold hard facts on whether a business model would even be able to make it in the market. Going into factors such as difficulty rating to rank organically on a search engine, or the current cost per click on their potential keywords.

We have had some come clients who simply wanted to discuss our processes for SEO link building so that they can go on and replicate it.

We have some clients who see us regularly, knowing that we are there to guide them as they action their own marketing strategies.

We Educate and Train

You don’t come to a consultant to hear how clever they are, and you certainly don’t want to leave feeling more confused than you were initially.

Our consultations take the magic out of marketing, and teach you that it is nothing more than a science that can be completely learned.

Whether you want to know how to set up your own remarketing campaign, how to make your own custom edits on your website, or how to tweak your email funnel, we can help you.

We Allocate Follow Up Tasks

Learning a lot can often be nothing more than high brow entertainment.

We make sure that none of our clients leave our consultation without a clear and prioritised list of tasks that they will need to complete.

The reality is that much of marketing is simply effort x knowledge.

A consultation is not long enough for us to actually perform your marketing for you, however it is certainly long enough for us to teach you what you need to know in order to get it done your self. 

Likewise, we can also teach your staff members how to incorporate some marketing tasks into their day to day work flow. 

It Doesn't Have to be 1 on 1

We have our hourly fee, that is the cost of our consultant coming out to run a session. If you want to have more than one person attend the session, that doesn’t change anything on our end.

Whether you want to partner up on the consultations with another start up, or simply send multiple employees along; you are the client and the choice is yours. 

Whether it is your first step, or a change of direction for your business

Speaking your ideas through with a professional can make a world of difference!

We are competitively priced and solely dedicated to providing value to our clients through all of our consultations.

Consultations are Available:

  • In person at our office or yours (subject to geographic location)
  • Over the phone
  • Over an active skype connection (much more recommended than the phone)

Leave us some details in the form on the right, and we will arrange a time to discuss your needs!