Are Your Website Needs More Complex?

A custom website is by definition, a website that has been coded to your exact needs from the ground up.

We don’t start with a template, or CMS (Content Management System) and then alter it to suit your needs.

Each line of code, each and every integration, widget and app, built specifically for you.

This is not for the feint of heart, as the price tag will certainly match the level of detail required. 

First We Assess Your Needs

The main thing we are going to try and figure out, is do you actually need a completely custom website?

Don’t get us wrong, we love large intricate (also known as lucrative) projects, but not at the expense of our clients.

Many people don’t realise the level of customisation that can be achieved with a CMS, or the fact that we can create you a custom wordpress theme which will come in quite a bit cheaper.

Even intricate custom applications such as multi-vendor marketplaces can be created using wordpress.

Once we have established that we are not selling you the Taj Mahal when all you needed was a Church, then we will start the planning phase with you

The Process is then Much the Same as Other Website Builds

Things don’t change so much on your end.

We plan your website with you.

We build it for you.

We deliver it to you, show you around, and see what modifications or edits you would like.