We Make Sure You Are Using a CRM

If you tell us that Excel is suiting you fine, prepare for an argument and a half. Your database can and should be so much more than a simple office document! An effective CRM is integrated with your website, with your email provider, with your email broadcaster, with your finance software and more. Try doing that with Excel.

Your Database Shows Your Business Health

Being able to get a good snap shot of how many customers you have, how many are in marketing funnels, how many are in sales funnels, and the conversion rates of each is a very powerful thing. Your CRM is so much more than an address and contact detail tool. It tracks all communications going into and out of the company, which means at any one moment you can establish major insights such as ‘how long does it take from the moment a visitor becomes a lead, all the way through to becoming a customer’

We Use Your Database to Establish New Opportunities

You may feel like you know who your best customers are, but the data will give a far greater insight. Seeing all details of your contacts lined up, being able to segregate the list on small details, it makes it far easier for us to locate and then act on correlations in data. For example, if we can see geographic clumping of customers, then we can take that information and apply it to our advertisement targetting systems.

Not Convinced You Need a CRM?

Data management is certainly one of our passions, and you can read a whole suite of articles we have produced outlining how important a CRM is.

You can also read our introductory E-Book on what you should expect in a CRM package, for not all applications were made equally!

If you grab the E-Book, we will also include a link for where you can source a super powerful, yet completely free CRM.