Professional Blog Management Service

Blog Management

When you work hard day in and day out in your business, one of the last things you want to do is sit down at the end of the evening and start writing a blog about work. It is completely understandable that even if you are aware of how important your blog is, that you relegate it to the “ill do it later” pile. What you may not have considered however, is the idea of having a professional marketing agency come in and handle your blog management for you! You would be surprised at how our versatile content creationists can write some highly polished inddustry specific blogs for your website, with very minimal input from you at all! The process that we follow is:
  • Have a consult with you to learn about your unique business
  • Our team will then craft a content strategy to be followed
  • This strategy is then broken into a content plan for a set period
  • At regular intervals we will post the blogs onto your company website,
  • we will also make sure that they are being shared to your social media
  Building out the blog of your website is one of the best and most proactive online marketing decisions you can make! We can grab a coffee, either in person, or yu can make your own brew while sitting at a computer with skype, and we can talk about how easy it would be to move your blog from the ‘i really should get to that soon’ basket to the ‘done and dusted’ list.